Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil with a fresh and fruity flavor. Ideal to give flavor to your every dish.
Our oil is absolutely not subjected to filtering procedures, which would deprive the oil of its authentic flavor and noble properties. Our oil slowly settles in stainless steel barrels, so as to naturally mature and maintain its organoleptic properties unaltered.

Thanks to its decisive but delicate taste, our oil is suitable for any use, both to accompany meats and fish and to enrich minestrone, legumes, bruschetta and salads. Thanks to the presence of fatty acids and antioxidants, the Ulivi del Castello extra virgin olive oil has a much higher cooking stability than that of other vegetable oils and condiments. It is ideal for both raw use and for the preparation of cooked food.

The olives are harvested by picking from the tree during the optimal ripening of the fruit, which takes place between the end of October and the first days of November. In our mill these olives are pressed within 24 hours of collection, in order to guarantee a very low acidity, an intense color and the integrity of all the organoleptic properties. Ours is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a fresh and fruity flavor, with slight hints of almond. The oil is obtained strictly by first cold pressing from our best olives of the Cellina di Miglionico and Maiatica cultivars of our estates and from olives of selected local producers.

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